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Trip to Colo./Utah, 2010: Chapter Two–Naked in Denver

Well, not really. But I got your attention! The airline lost Libby’s luggage so she was without clothing – except for what she had on. After being awake nearly 24 hours, this was not welcome. However, the bag was found the next morning and nothing else was lost.

Worth noting: The Atlanta airport is NUTZ!!

Denver airport’s exterior is designed to look like a series of teepees. Very cool.

On Friday, we traveled west on I-70, known as Independence Pass while it spans the Rocky Mountains.

On a recommendation, we had lunch at Beau Jo’s Mountain Pies (pizza, in Idaho Springs. Excellent chow! The town is as many of the towns in the Rockies seem to be – formerly a mining town. It was charming.

I had a bad case of the “Wows” during the whole trip and it started immediately. The scenery is awesome, gorgeous, magnificent – and all the pictures I took the first day are GONE. Biiiiig head slap/D’oh! I mistakenly deleted them. *sigh*

Our hotel (Holiday Inn & Suites) was great, had a bar and we were on a first name basis with the bartender by the time we departed. Perhaps this is because we were laughing uproariously one evening when we spotted this commercial on ESPN (Shake Weight for Men™ – Does anyone else see something – um – erotic about this?? Or are we just dirty girls …)

Our first evening we had dinner with Libby’s business associate, Larry. He is a filmmaker interviewing as many WWII veterans he can, asking them to tell the stories of their experiences during the war. Here’s his web site:

And, yes. I left the dogs home alone to fend for themselves. Hmph.


New post coming soon!

To My Loyal Readers, and to My Occasional Readers:

I recently was generously presented with the opportunity to travel at little cost to me — SO I WENT. (duh) I have been vacationing in Colorado! New posts are upcoming, with pictures of the OMG variety! Please check back Monday. Meanwhile, some teaser pictures.

On our way!

At 11,000 feet, popsicle toes!

Interesting shapes ...

On the road, in the Rocky Mountains, Independence Pass

The Chloeminator

Chewalicious! Chewtastic! Chewrific! These are words that may have been going through Chloe’s head as she chewed a large and treasured hardcover book to pieces while I was at work.

This book was treasured by the person who lent it to me.

Chloe could’ve chosen the books in the bookcase – that are mine – the magazines on the coffee table – that are mine – even the library books since they are replaceable. (Did I mention the book wasn’t even mine?) I felt horrible.

I looked at Chloe and … well, what can you do? Yelling won’t help. Correction: Yelling won’t help her. It helped me a little but I kept it to “Why?? Why did you choose THAT book? Why?” She just looked at me, curiously. “Gee, Ma. You seem excited. Wanna play fetch? Huh? Ya wanna?”

The book’s front cover (which is entirely gone) was a blue-ish-green so, in the “end stage”, post digestion, it blended nicely with the meadow that is my lawn. *sigh*

My friend, a dog lover, was understanding, bless her. However we now refer to Chloe as Chewy. She does look a bit like Chewbacca from the Star Wars movies. I’ve also located another copy of the book and am replacing the chewed-up mess. (Whew!)

Lesson learned. Even good dogs will chew.

Let's play!

What do dogs think when you talk on the phone?

Honestly. There’s no “dog” in technology. With their awesome hearing, can they hear the other person’s voice? Do they know that it is another human person? Can they tell the difference between listening to music and talking on the phone? Can they understand the concept of talking to another person who is off the premises? Do they wonder about it? Or do they just accept it, because they love us? Or do they think we’re nuts?

Perhaps they think we’re just talking to ourselves holding a piece of plastic to our heads. Or are they wondering when we’re going to feed them next? That’s probably it – that last thing.

Beastly insects

I really hate fleas and they are bad this year. I don’t know what purpose fleas serve on Earth except to annoy and frustrate, carry disease and make me itch. So I looked up what their natural predators are. The result: Ants, spiders and beetles. Hmmmm. Don’t want those around either.

My Vet was shocked to hear that even Comfortis isn’t completely doing the trick. I don’t want to introduce more chemicals into the dogs’ environment – especially the old poods – so I’ve gone “natural”. I’ve added a garlic-vinegar-citrus (and some other ingredient) product to their food and water to make the dogs less attractive to the little useless effing insect beasties. That takes a while to work though. I also got some diatomaceous earth (contains very tiny particles that have sharp spines, which puncture the exoskeleton of the flea, killing it) and rubbed it into my upholstery. (You have to be careful inhaling it. It can damage your bronchia and lungs.) I understand you can also mix it with water and spread it over your lawn.

Last but not least, I checked the dogs every day – the whole dog – at least once. On the little poods I found actual, living fleas crawling on them. One night in particular I found over a dozen. (The poods began to either run from me when I came at them or, in Amber’s case, snarl, growl, and threaten to bite me, little witch.) I pick the fleas off and drown them by sending them, screaming I hope, into the vortex of my plumbing. (Evil laugh: MWA-A-A-A-A-AHHHHH.) Trying to find anything on Chloe is nearly impossible. Her fur is very thick plus there is a lot of “real estate” to cover. I’m thinking of adding another nickname for her to the list – Burber, as in the carpet.

My efforts have met with success! I haven’t seen fleas in a couple of weeks and the dogs are comfy.

Here’s a link to a good article about your pets and fleas from one of our local papers:

Signing off now. Suddenly feel the need to scratch!

Dogs and the significance of the bathroom

I think the dogs don’t enter the bathroom unless I am occupying it. As a matter of fact, I think the bathroom doesn’t enter their minds unless I’m in it. But when I am in the bathroom there is a clear gravitational pull. If I set one toe in there, they all crowd into my tiny bathroom … so that I can trip over them, I suppose. Maybe that’s their mission in life … see Mummy fall! Or maybe they like to see how long it’ll take for me to lose my patience.

Anyway, they wait for me to finish whatever I’m doing (morning ablutions or *ahem* whatever) and if they somehow perceive it’s going to be a while, they move to “the ante chamber” (the bedroom) and sprawl on the floor. Sometimes Chloe lies like a wooly rug by the door and blocks the little poods’ access or egress. That’s funny. They hesitate to jump over her or to try to nudge her aside! Amber will make many false starts before she finally “decides” on her course of action, then a few more “moves” before she engages. Since she’s the alpha, watching that can be hilarity itself.

Actually, aside from my presence, there is one other bathroom pursuit they enjoy: If the wastebasket has something appealing (to them) in it, they like to (really, really) gross me out by chewing on the item. ‘Nuff said. (Blech!)

[Um. No pictures on this post. Be grateful. ;-)]

If you wa-anna play fetch, drop the ball! (three times!)

Recently, during the “Mom came home!” celebration that occurs EVERY time I walk in the door, the three “poods” were milling around, being affectionate and jealous of my attention, when I hear this small noise to my right. It was sort of like the plunk sound a grapefruit makes when it falls from my tree. It really didn’t register the first two times. Then, on the third try, I looked and there was a TENNIS ball – dropped by Chloe who was inviting me to toss it for her. It was cute and smart. I tossed. She ran. She was happy. So was I. Max hid round the corner of the house. Amber ignored us.