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Dogs and the significance of the bathroom

I think the dogs don’t enter the bathroom unless I am occupying it. As a matter of fact, I think the bathroom doesn’t enter their minds unless I’m in it. But when I am in the bathroom there is a clear gravitational pull. If I set one toe in there, they all crowd into my tiny bathroom … so that I can trip over them, I suppose. Maybe that’s their mission in life … see Mummy fall! Or maybe they like to see how long it’ll take for me to lose my patience.

Anyway, they wait for me to finish whatever I’m doing (morning ablutions or *ahem* whatever) and if they somehow perceive it’s going to be a while, they move to “the ante chamber” (the bedroom) and sprawl on the floor. Sometimes Chloe lies like a wooly rug by the door and blocks the little poods’ access or egress. That’s funny. They hesitate to jump over her or to try to nudge her aside! Amber will make many false starts before she finally “decides” on her course of action, then a few more “moves” before she engages. Since she’s the alpha, watching that can be hilarity itself.

Actually, aside from my presence, there is one other bathroom pursuit they enjoy: If the wastebasket has something appealing (to them) in it, they like to (really, really) gross me out by chewing on the item. ‘Nuff said. (Blech!)

[Um. No pictures on this post. Be grateful. ;-)]