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The Many Hats of Kitteh

Now at 4½ months, Gracie Lou is discovering (or revealing) her many talents, abilities and, yes, jobs. She’s practicing for a career in something. I’m not sure what. Some possibilities:

A career in home décor – She appears very motivated. I’m not sure she’ll go very far with this since she seems to like most things on the floor. For example, kitteh décor dictates that towels do not belong on towel racks: they belong on the floor. Other “floor should be’s”: pillows, eyeglasses, phones, magazines and hairbrushes. Also, contrary to what I thought I knew, window blind slats do not need to align and pet toys SHOULD litter the floor, the location changed often and without warning. As she matures a better career move for Gracie might be to move toward window treatments and, hopefully, away from this “floor thing”.

Massage therapist – I believe the instructions to other kittehs would read “While the subject lies facedown, walk up the subject – from foot to neck and head – gently extending the claws so as not to injure but certainly to hurt a bit and annoy. The subject comes awake very quickly after this procedure.”

This won't hurt a bit ...

House cleaner – I only mention this potential career because kitteh is adept at finding dust bunnies. Her follow through is poor. She does not throw them away. Perhaps she needs a small dustpan with a tiny wastebasket.


Just a cute shot.

Dog herder – This requires the saintly cooperation of Chloe, the perfect dog. Gracie accomplishes dog herding by utilizing her kitteh claws and teeth, wrapping her kitteh “arms” around Chloe’s leg and gnawing on it. Chloe moves the leg. Kitteh persists. And so on. Kitteh becomes very enthusiastic about this at times which requires my intervention because Chloe gives me the “Make! It! Stop!” look.

Athlete / Gymnast – This is hardly unusual for a kitteh but I must mention it. Among her best feats: climbing a bare wall.

Magician – Kitteh is especially good at the disappearing and reappearing act where you are looking for her frantically because you are afraid she somehow escaped the house. She must be in “thin air” because I can’t find where she hides.

These aren’t her only career choices but they certainly are “the big six”. Stay tuned.

Kitten Urchins …

… Elves, Gremlins and Scamps

When I first brought home this box o’ kitties, I referred to them in a high pitched voice as little darlings, “so cute!”, and “so little!”. Chloe was clearly delighted to have these small bundles of entertainment in the house.

They've breached the wall!!!

However, once they breached the X-pen “wall” into my living room I began to realize just how mistaken my characterizations might be. I learned over the next few hours that the only thing which can stop an inquisitive and determined kitten is a bonafide door and one that latches tight.

They may be little but size does not matter. Nothing is sacred to these little dickens. One has gotten itself tangled in my hair. Another squirt has dangled from a window drape. *grrrr*




Evil kitteh TOGO

The scamps have chewed (unsuccessfully, whew) wires in my office. I put up a baby gate and looked at them saying “I know this is a mere suggestion to you …” At least I hear when they climb it and can intervene.







Ginny, Hell on Wheels

One of them, Ginny, is a holy terror who attacks her litter mates and bites and chews them! If I hear squealing it’s probably Ginny gnawing on Spot or TOGO.








Then there are the little claws …

Pepe le Pew

Ankle biter Spot and Chloe the Giantess

Many lovely moments remain though:

They love to nestle with Chloe or let her maul them with her snout.

All four of the little waifs were waiting for me outside my bedroom door this morning.

The floor show is always a hoot.

You should be dancin' - YEAH!!

Becoming acquainted with your tennis ball toy

Nonchalantly wait for the ball to play with me.

Nonchalance aside, stare at the ball.

Address the ball(?)

Kiss the ball! MWA!

Touch ...

... rub and otherwise molest ball.


Fun ball!

Run with ball! Fun!

The Chloeminator

Chewalicious! Chewtastic! Chewrific! These are words that may have been going through Chloe’s head as she chewed a large and treasured hardcover book to pieces while I was at work.

This book was treasured by the person who lent it to me.

Chloe could’ve chosen the books in the bookcase – that are mine – the magazines on the coffee table – that are mine – even the library books since they are replaceable. (Did I mention the book wasn’t even mine?) I felt horrible.

I looked at Chloe and … well, what can you do? Yelling won’t help. Correction: Yelling won’t help her. It helped me a little but I kept it to “Why?? Why did you choose THAT book? Why?” She just looked at me, curiously. “Gee, Ma. You seem excited. Wanna play fetch? Huh? Ya wanna?”

The book’s front cover (which is entirely gone) was a blue-ish-green so, in the “end stage”, post digestion, it blended nicely with the meadow that is my lawn. *sigh*

My friend, a dog lover, was understanding, bless her. However we now refer to Chloe as Chewy. She does look a bit like Chewbacca from the Star Wars movies. I’ve also located another copy of the book and am replacing the chewed-up mess. (Whew!)

Lesson learned. Even good dogs will chew.

Let's play!