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The answers, my friend, are glowing in the fridge

How many times have I found myself staring into the glowing interior of my refrigerator without a reason or purpose. Countless times. It’s an autopilot type of impulse. Mind gone blank? Look in the fridge. Want “something”? Look in the fridge. Know you are supposed to do something but can’t remember what? Look in the fridge. Half awake? Look in the fridge. Ad infinitum.

I even do that with other people’s refrigerators. And they seem to understand. Why? Maybe they do it, too. Is it universal? Do people all over the world “refrigerator gaze”?

Will refrigerator gazing replace “contemplating my navel” and “blue skying”?

Maybe we do this “gazing” because the fridge is where the instant gratifier, food, lives. We know we’ll feel/think/know better if we can just have that yummy tummy/slightly buzzed feeling. (Mmmmmm – beer, or insert favorite edible here).

Or maybe we’re just bored …

Maybe we’re training ourselves for the inevitable last journey where we really need to remember to “look into the light”.

Or maybe we think the fridge has “the answers”. I’m going to go ask it now, because, the answer, my friends, is glowing in the fridge.