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Humming Plumbing

My toilet in my master bath (and I use the “master” term loosely) hums. It sounds a bit like what I think the air raid sirens sounded like in Britain during the Blitz. Just not as loud.

I’m curious about it. I’m fearful, too.

Does it mean my sewer line is going to back up into my house? If so, it would not be covered by insurance and, well, I would have to move. The stench would be awful.

It sounds eerie. Is someone trying to communicate with me from “beyond”? If so, hey you! Find another means!

There’s kind of a “foggy, marine-like” quality to it. Will there be a ship coming in? Is it prescient? Is my “ship coming in”? (As in great success. Helloooo.)

This is a fairly recent occurrence – meaning it started a few months ago. I’m SO good about home maintenance I’ve put off looking into it for this long. (Brilliant!)

So I Googled “humming plumbing” and, son-of-gun! I found something! It’s not uncommon, I think I have to replace some valve and, shucks, I don’t know how!

The joys of homeownership.

Still wouldn’t have it any other way.