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Fasten Seat Belt While Sedated

I traveled via airline recently and on the last leg of the trip, glanced at the seatback in front of me and saw “Keep seat belt fastened while sedated”. It actually read “Keep seat belt fastened while seated”. But my middle-aged and apparently dyslexic eyes and brain processed “sedated”. Others my age (middle, and let’s just leave it at that) tell me they have experienced this, too.

It is very persistent, mildly annoying and often comic. I’ve been meaning to look into it and see if I’m “normal”. So I hopped on Google this morning and typed in “middle-aged dyslexia”.

I got nuttin’ honey.

Then I tried “seeing the wrong words”. Pretty basic language and I had little hope of an answer. But, presto! Magic! I found one. And I’M NORMAL! (“Really??” you say? I say “Pipe down”.)

Words are stored as pictures in our brains. We see the first letter or a collection of letters and associate them with the wrong word occasionally.

Anyway, I think I like “sedated” better than “seated”. It’s more amusing.