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Have Can Opener, Will Travel

Recently, I stopped at a pet supply store to pick up canned dog food. The store has diagonal parking in front. I parked reasonably well – not perfectly but reasonably.

When I came out of the store, there was a BIG HONKING pickup truck parked close to my car.

Now, when I say close to my car, I mean close enough that a circus contortionist would have a hard time moving in between the vehicles … Or a moderately-aged, healthy woman.

So CLOSE a-supermodel-couldn’t-use-chopsticks CLOSE.

Ants-would-lose-the-pheromone-trail CLOSE.

A vigorous-weed-would-alter-its-path CLOSE.

Thwart-a-laser-beam CLOSE.

I’m talking CLOSE.

OK. Maybe I’m exaggerating.

But it was CLOSE.

So here I am juggling 3 loose cans of dog food, my wallet and my keys (I like to go “purseless” a.k.a commando) – doggedly trying to enter my car. (No pun intended.)

For the uninitiated: My car is a 2-door. This means the doors are long because – theoretically anyway – they have to allow access to the seating in the back. A Mustang is technically a 4-seater although reports from the back seat vary as to the comfort of the ride.

So I’m wiggling (and swearing) my way into the drivers seat when I drop a can of dog food … and I know it will roll … somewhere. To where? Probably under my car. I’m am pretty sure retrieving it will cause a certain physical discomfort and … shame. And then there’s the hot tar of the parking lot. I’m probably going to have to drive over the can, losing my $1.36 investment. Possibly hurting my car.  Definitely losing my pride. *sigh* What to do?

I heroically throw the other articles into the passenger seat and wiggle back out of the car … while trying NOT to let my car door hit the &%#@*& truck (what a wuss) … and look for the wayward can. I spot the can. It’s easily retrievable! THANK YOU!!

I get in my car, start it and put the A/C on high, and then I think “I’d like to give that guy a piece of my mind!!”

Pause. Pause.

Hmmmmm. OK. He’s taller than me. Hmmmm. OK. He’s a “he”. Hmmmmm. He looked pretty darned serious in the store. Hmmmmm. I don’t think I can take him.


So I drive away. But, as I drive I think “If I’d known you were going to park here, I’d have brought my can opener!!!!!”

I’m just sayin’.


Fasten Seat Belt While Sedated

I traveled via airline recently and on the last leg of the trip, glanced at the seatback in front of me and saw “Keep seat belt fastened while sedated”. It actually read “Keep seat belt fastened while seated”. But my middle-aged and apparently dyslexic eyes and brain processed “sedated”. Others my age (middle, and let’s just leave it at that) tell me they have experienced this, too.

It is very persistent, mildly annoying and often comic. I’ve been meaning to look into it and see if I’m “normal”. So I hopped on Google this morning and typed in “middle-aged dyslexia”.

I got nuttin’ honey.

Then I tried “seeing the wrong words”. Pretty basic language and I had little hope of an answer. But, presto! Magic! I found one. And I’M NORMAL! (“Really??” you say? I say “Pipe down”.)

Words are stored as pictures in our brains. We see the first letter or a collection of letters and associate them with the wrong word occasionally.

Anyway, I think I like “sedated” better than “seated”. It’s more amusing.


Colo./Utah Trip: To Sum Up – Dust Storms, Sandstone, Mountain Pies, Grande Mexican Food, and SNOW!

Talk about “WOWS” (and holy cows). Have you ever seen how wind can shape sandstone? Arches National Park has a lot of examples and is an amaaaazing place full of color and incredible scenery. We spent some time there but because of high winds could not get the full effect since the dust obscured much of the view. It doesn’t show well in the pictures but there were spots where the sand was blue and green and red and coral and so on.

Then on to Moab and lunch at La Hacienda Mexican restaurant. I utterly enjoyed the food – fresh and well prepared. Nothing fancy. Just GOOD.

Next, Canyonlands National Park. Again, the view was obscured but as Albert Einstein said — our senses are inadequate to appreciate it fully. Canyonlands is a HUGE area that has been shaped by huge earth shifts and by millions of years of deposits and erosion by wind and water. (Check out this link for some good pix and explanations: This park is as awe-inspiring as the Grand Canyon, in my opinion. I am going back and I think I’m actually going to camp. (Did I just type that out loud? Eeek!)

We’re looking down from 6,080 feet onto an elevation of 4,880 feet.

On the trip back we re-crossed the Rocky Mountains and there was SNOW! I think the trip from east to west (Denver to Grand Junction) was more scenic but maybe that’s because I hadn’t been there before. John Denver songs were sung BRIEFLY on the trip out but on the trip back over the range, in between the static the music was mostly 70’s rock, country and some cool reggae-jazz.

We barely made Denver airport in time then found out our flight was delayed due to high winds. We got into Tampa 12 hours later than planned after a brief layover in Atlanta with Libby’s Mom. (Thanks Mrs. Bolling!)

‘Nuff said. I’ll blather about the poods in the next post. Promise!

Trip to Colo./Utah, 2010: Chapter Two–Naked in Denver

Well, not really. But I got your attention! The airline lost Libby’s luggage so she was without clothing – except for what she had on. After being awake nearly 24 hours, this was not welcome. However, the bag was found the next morning and nothing else was lost.

Worth noting: The Atlanta airport is NUTZ!!

Denver airport’s exterior is designed to look like a series of teepees. Very cool.

On Friday, we traveled west on I-70, known as Independence Pass while it spans the Rocky Mountains.

On a recommendation, we had lunch at Beau Jo’s Mountain Pies (pizza, in Idaho Springs. Excellent chow! The town is as many of the towns in the Rockies seem to be – formerly a mining town. It was charming.

I had a bad case of the “Wows” during the whole trip and it started immediately. The scenery is awesome, gorgeous, magnificent – and all the pictures I took the first day are GONE. Biiiiig head slap/D’oh! I mistakenly deleted them. *sigh*

Our hotel (Holiday Inn & Suites) was great, had a bar and we were on a first name basis with the bartender by the time we departed. Perhaps this is because we were laughing uproariously one evening when we spotted this commercial on ESPN (Shake Weight for Men™ – Does anyone else see something – um – erotic about this?? Or are we just dirty girls …)

Our first evening we had dinner with Libby’s business associate, Larry. He is a filmmaker interviewing as many WWII veterans he can, asking them to tell the stories of their experiences during the war. Here’s his web site:

And, yes. I left the dogs home alone to fend for themselves. Hmph.

New post coming soon!

To My Loyal Readers, and to My Occasional Readers:

I recently was generously presented with the opportunity to travel at little cost to me — SO I WENT. (duh) I have been vacationing in Colorado! New posts are upcoming, with pictures of the OMG variety! Please check back Monday. Meanwhile, some teaser pictures.

On our way!

At 11,000 feet, popsicle toes!

Interesting shapes ...

On the road, in the Rocky Mountains, Independence Pass