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What is up with dogs’ seeming inability to get out of the way? If I ever break a bone or crack my skull you can bet it’ll be because I tripped over a furry obstacle. And why do they have to be in the same room with me all the time? Max and Chloe are the worst. Amber … well she has her own agenda, mainly to sleep.

The poods think they know where you are going and walk right in front of you, usually while you are carrying a loaded laundry basket or some large, heavy object. The poodle destination is often wrong but the hampering of your movement is so successful that it ultimately leads to the shouted “MOVE!” Bad decorum on my part—born of frustration.

What slays me is when Maxie perkily trots in front of me toward the bedroom (he loves bed), then “gets a clue”, stops, turns around and looks at me expectantly with his bright eyes and little tail going 260. I have to laugh. Cute!

UPDATE, Sept., 2010: My MOTHER tripped over a poodle! Thankfully, she did not crack her skull or break a bone. I’m not sure Chloe even noticed …