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Trip to Colo./Utah, 2010: Chapter Two–Naked in Denver

Well, not really. But I got your attention! The airline lost Libby’s luggage so she was without clothing – except for what she had on. After being awake nearly 24 hours, this was not welcome. However, the bag was found the next morning and nothing else was lost.

Worth noting: The Atlanta airport is NUTZ!!

Denver airport’s exterior is designed to look like a series of teepees. Very cool.

On Friday, we traveled west on I-70, known as Independence Pass while it spans the Rocky Mountains.

On a recommendation, we had lunch at Beau Jo’s Mountain Pies (pizza, in Idaho Springs. Excellent chow! The town is as many of the towns in the Rockies seem to be – formerly a mining town. It was charming.

I had a bad case of the “Wows” during the whole trip and it started immediately. The scenery is awesome, gorgeous, magnificent – and all the pictures I took the first day are GONE. Biiiiig head slap/D’oh! I mistakenly deleted them. *sigh*

Our hotel (Holiday Inn & Suites) was great, had a bar and we were on a first name basis with the bartender by the time we departed. Perhaps this is because we were laughing uproariously one evening when we spotted this commercial on ESPN (Shake Weight for Men™ – Does anyone else see something – um – erotic about this?? Or are we just dirty girls …)

Our first evening we had dinner with Libby’s business associate, Larry. He is a filmmaker interviewing as many WWII veterans he can, asking them to tell the stories of their experiences during the war. Here’s his web site:

And, yes. I left the dogs home alone to fend for themselves. Hmph.